“The funky, beating heart of Charlotte is one of the hidden gems of the whole dang South.” – THRILLIST


“Just 10 minutes by car from the center of Charlotte, this artsy, bike-friendly neighborhood is an interesting mix of the gritty and the pretty: You’ll see tattoo parlors alongside antiques shops and beautiful historic architecture.”​ – MONEY

We Breathe Plaza Midwood...

We live, work, and play in Plaza Midwood. We enjoy the neighborhood functions at Midwood Park, hanging out on a patio for a drink, and taking in local bands. We’re also part of the Plaza Midwood Merchants Association and regularly volunteer in the neighborhood. 

We're Passionate...

Maybe we’re a little too passionate sometimes, but we love Plaza Midwood and we want to share that passion we have for her with everyone, whether you’re a visitor, a tourist, or a local. She had a rocky history, but we think her story is worth telling. We think she’s pretty great and when you get to know her we think you will too.