Gift Certificate – Tour Plaza Midwood




  • Tour Plaza Midwood is an outside cultural walking tour along the sidewalks and streets of this historic community. Your guide will share with you how the neighborhood was founded, how it has changed through the years, and what has led it to being one of the most significant communities in Charlotte.
  • Tours will stop frequently along the route to share history & fun facts, view wall murals, and allow time for selfies & questions!
  • Tours cover approximately 1.2 miles along the sidewalks, streets, & alleys of the neighborhood. Comfortable shoes are advised and participants should be able to step over curbs and walk on various surfaces.
  • Tours are outside so it is recommended to dress appropriately for the weather…sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, rain jacket, etc.
  • Group size is limited so that tours can finish in under 90 minutes while still allowing plenty of time for interaction & questions!